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News Flash from the Villas…


Council News Update:

It has been a busy 30 days for Council, partly because we are still down one member.  We hope you will consider volunteering your time either to serve as a council member or to help out with various projects and committees we hope to form.  There were many voices and emails over the last 6 months expressing concern about Council decisions, actions and communication or lack of.  Many issues were addressed about various serious and not so serious issues including the state of the community, the repairs, the pool, the management and more. Now is your opportunity to contribute your ideas and have a voice in the future direction of the Community.  It’s your chance to make a positive difference.

There are many important issues to be addressed regarding building repairs and preventive maintenance.  There are also many improvements we would like to work on including tennis courts, shade structure for the pool, better pool management services, updating the front entrance, bylaw revisions, and website management.  If you feel passionate about any of these items, form a committee, or join a committee.


Your Council members are Mary Richmond, Dick Padgett, Harold Kay, Jim Hanley, and________You perhaps?


In this newsletter I would like to introduce Dick who signed on to finish out Larry Teitjen’s term.  Dick purchased the very first Villa that was built in 197.  He has a BA in Physics from Catholic University and graduated from the National War College. His real job was at the National Security Agency where he was a senior executive.  In his spare time he was a member of the Bowie City Council where his expertise was in issues related to community planning, zoning, and preservation through code Enforcement and maintenance.  He also worked for the Md Dept. of Transportation Department of Planning where he produced “Smart Growth” development concepts.  Now I hope Dick can use his skills and talents to advocate for the Villas in Town of Bethany Beach matters as well as other issues that relate to grounds and recreation within the community.


Status of Roof and Crawlspace repairs

 Only 2 roof bids were returned out of 6 RFP’s so it was decided to modify the proposal and contact more contractors.  Harold saved us a lot of time and money by putting the modifications together in the appropriate language before it was forwarded to Becker Morgan.  The new bid should have gone out earlier this week and are expected to be returned within 2 weeks. 


Harold also put together a RFP for independent crawlspace inspections with help from Allan Garnaas assistance.  Tim Hill will mail that out for us next week. 


Insurance update: RFP’s were mailed this week to 6 different agencies; we hope to have at least a few responses to pick from by the time Allstate drops our policy at the end of November.  Harold will be reviewing them as they are returned with Bonnie Sandin who as volunteered to help out with this project.


Bylaw revision: Debbie Colby has volunteered to review the bylaws along with council and help us with any changes that need to be made. 


Grounds:  Allan Garnaas, Tim Hill and I walked the property a few weeks ago and made plans for the next areas for new plantings. We would like to thank the unit owners who have given permission to use their water to keep everything alive through the drought.

 We decided the front entrance and the islands in the driveway are looking tired and need to be freshened up.  We developed what we hope will be an inexpensive plan of action that includes removing most of the deteriorating columns instead of repairing them again, expanding and repainting the fencing and signage, and upgrading the lighting.  Dick Padgett will work with Tim Hill in reviewing bids for project and coordinating it.   Allan will be involved in the artistic and landscaping components.

Plantings:  committee forming to plant and maintain annuals at pool area and front entrance; Contact dick Padgett if interested.


Tennis courts:  A committee if forming to explore renovations to this area.  Contact Dick Padgett if interested.  Several folks have already expressed an interest.

Pool:  Need a committee to explore lifeguards vs.; attendants, new passes vs. “fobs”.


Important Reminders:


Personal items in Common Areas:  If you have any 

Personal belongings in the Common area please have them removed by October 15th.  This is the second reminder that these items need to be removed.  The Common areas are considered to start at the bottom of your steps.  Currently the only approved item to be in the Common area is a barbecue grill which can be placed on stone blocks next to your porch steps.   All other items including but not limited to boats, bikes, crab traps, picnic tables, and lawn furniture need to be removed.  WPM will begin collecting items in the Common areas starting October 15th.  Chains will be cut if necessary.   If you have a wood picnic table that you would like to donate to the Villas, please contact WPM and they will move it to the picnic area by the pool.  If you have any questions about this first review the Bylaws, then contact council or WPM.


Fall clean up:  Please take some time on your next visit to prune, clean up, and clean out your front and back gardens and/or landscaping, particularly around the air flow vents, crawlspace entrance, and down spout drainage area.   If soil erosion has created a “water retention basin” next to your foundation, pick up a few bags of dirt or mulch and fill in the area.  There are several reasons for this.   Crawlspace inspections will be taking place and there needs to be access to the openings.  If you don’t do it, WPM will be doing it for you at a charge to the community of approximately $45.00 an hour.  And they will not treat your cherished 30 year old rare whatever’s as well as you will.

Also, if your plantings are obscuring your downspout, chances are the water is not flowing away from your property but backing up to your foundation and crawlspace.   Kelly Maintenance will be around in the next 2 weeks to clean out downspouts and add downspout extensions where needed.  They will need to cut away or clear away your landscaping to do so. 

Please help keep costs down by taking care of this.


Winterize your unit!  If you do not already have water cut off valve, we strongly urge you to have one installed and use it.  Your plumber can explain how to use this to minimize damage to your unit in the event a pipe should break while you are gone.  If you do not use your villa in the off season, follow the directions on the attached document to winterize your unit.  Alternately, contact a service provider such as WPM or Kelly Maintenance to do it for you.  Warning! You cannot turn off your heat without turning off your water also and bleeding all the water out of the system including the outdoor shower.


Condo Insurance: This is also a great time to check and update your condominium insurance policy.  










Villas of Bethany West Homeowners Association

If you subscribe to Mediacom cable, you may be interested to know that you can reduce your monthly bill by 50% during the fall/winter/spring seasons. Just call 1-888-333-4039 and ask about the Delaware Seasonal Plan. 

Keep your email and snail mailing address updated by contacting Sue Neece.

Don't forget to change your smoke alarm battaries!

Committee to review pool management and lifeguards vs. attendants now forming.   Contact Dick  Padgett if interested.

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   Please take time to winterize your unit. 

 If you turn off your heat, you must drain all water lines completely to prevent pipes from bursting.  Contact WPM for detailed information on the correct procedure to follow.


Have you checked your insurance coverage for your unit lately?   Insuring the interior and contents of your unit is highly recommended.  Condo coverage can be added to your primary home for a small additional fee.