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Annual Homeowner's Meeting Minutes
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Villas of Bethany West Homeowners Association

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May 26, 2007

VBW Owners Meeting


Minutes from Annual Fall Meeting

Reviewed and approved.


Old Business

    Review of       Grounds/Maintenance






T. Hill reviewed ditch work and pipe installation at rear of development done by town to improve drainage; no cost to community


     Paint Schedule

Bldg 795 done; 796 in progress; 798 will be done.



 See Postmaster for keys.


     Kelly Maintenance Contract

Annual contract not renewed. Will continue to work for the development on an ad hoc basis.


     Tree planting project


First phase of project along eastern border planted. A. Garnaas described the tree maintenance program which consists of maintaining a safe environment, proper pruning and feeding to maintain trees, and replenishing with new plantings. Native plantings have been put in the eastern border to promote screening and promote water absorption.

Suggest publishing list of native plants for owners to consider when purchasing plantings for their properties.

      Ant/insect extermination

Exterior building treatments will be done next week; second treatment will take place in July.  This will be charged to the HOA. Contact WPM to arrange for spraying interior of unit at owner expense.


      Tree Stumps

Were ground out last fall; since then more trees have been removed and stumps will be ground out this fall.


     Phragmites control

Envirotech will begin eradicating phragmites behind pool and around development this summer.


      Front Fountain

Repaired; Maintenance contract set up with area contractor


     Left turn on Rt 26

DelDot controls this road and restriction; can not be changed because there are two other left turn options available to the community






     Pool Bathrooms



Both have been painted and benches have been installed


     Shade structure

Several designs have been reviewed and rejected; currently looking for canvas structure to install.


     July 4th Party

No party this year unless volunteers step forward.


Capital Improvement Project




     Background information


 Lack of sufficient capital reserves to address major repair/replacement issues.


To fund an adequate reserve, fees would have to be raised by about $900 a year.


Annual increases in maintenance and repairs over budget in spite of attempts to contain spending.


Costs are projected to continue to increase.

Written report will be mailed within next 2 weeks.

   Current Maintenance and repair issues:






Increased incidence of leaks. Buildings have 2 roofs that will have to be removed to be replaced.  .

Floors are supported by open trusses built from 2 x 4s and are ventilated.  Experiencing rot and mildew issues. 2 units had truss failures that needed to be removed and replaced. $24,000 has been spent this year so far on repairs.

If the trusses haven’t failed, they are reinforced or “sistered” with 2x 4’s.



Council contracted Morgan Becker Architects to evaluate and report on Community prioritized by urgency/need for intervention. They developed a bid package that was sent to 6 contractors from Delmarva.   Bids were returned from 3 contractors that provided council with approximate costs to do various aspects of the proposed renovations.



Council decided that structural issues related to roof and crawlspaces were significant and require mandatory action that will be funded by a mandatory assessment of $10,000 will be necessary to fund the project. 


Aspects of project











Wooden Windows

 Tear off; repair of sheathing; soffits, gutters, crickets, and vent bathrooms; either ridge vents or attic fans to be determined. ($3000.00)


Cleaning/encapsulation of crawlspaces to seal off from moisture and water (Clean space) after repairing and/or repairing trusses. ($7000.00)

Older buildings have wood windows that are leaking and damaging siding; This will be assessed to the owners of those units.


New business



   Questions/comments raised by owners

Kelly Maintenance contract cancellation

Will continue to work for VBW on ad hoc basis


Swim diapers in large pool

For follow up


Adjusting boat ramp to faciltate entry and exit into water.

For review


Tennis court conditions

No action at this time


We may make past editions of the newsletter available for download.