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Current VBW Initiatives
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  Current VBW Initiatives

Villas of Bethany West Homeowners Association

From: "Lawrence Bogard" <>
   Fellow Homeowners --
    The results of the vote on the Council's recommendation for renovation of the townhouses at The Villas of Bethany West have been tabulated.  The recommended renovation of siding, stucco, and deck rails was rejected by a vote of  64 to 30.  Consequently, this Council will take no further action with regard to that phase of the project at this time.  Given that the vote margin is well beyond any possible tabulation error, we have concluded that a monitored recount of the vote is unnecessary.
    With regard to the roofs and crawlspaces phase of the renovation project, the Council will explore options to reduce the costs below those projected in the June 2007 Report to the Homeowners, as well as ways to reduce the burden of assessing costs for these repairs.  We will be soliciting new bids for roof replacement and crawlspace repairs.  We have solicited additional bids for the Clean Space encapsulation system and we will explore alternative encapsulation systems.  We will also explore whether there are cost-effective ways to prioritize the encapsulation process to spread it out over a longer period of time.  If there are homeowners who in fact have experience as contractors or in contract management and who are willing to volunteer advice the Council, we welcome your advice.  Please contact me if you are interested.
    The Council believes that the debate reflected in various emails over the past few weeks reflects the passion that we all have for The Villas of Bethany West.  The problems that the Council identified in its June Report are real, and they extend beyond the best method to identify and perform annual maintenance.  Without question, the community is now aware of the problems we face.  The Council is confident that we can now move forward to ensure that The Villas of Bethany West remains a vibrant and desirable community.
-- Regards, Lawrence Bogard

Pool shade structure
We are currently researching the market for "sun sails" that can be erected and taken down for winter.  While canvas is not as durable as wood or aluminum, these "sails" can be erected and taken down for storage very easily, are relatively inexpensive, and best of all require no maintenance.
Most of the ones found so far are in Australia or on the West Coast.    Any one interested in helping to research and develop this idea please contact L. Bogard.